Here is the statement:

It’s my page, I could post what I want!!!

While that is most definitely true, it could still be hurtful to your future.

If you could care less about how you are viewed by your present or future employer (or potential business partner), then stop right here.

If you care about your position and/or moving up in your personal and professional life, then keep reading.

(Glad you chose the latter :))

Here is why you should be mindful of what you post:

Privacy is becoming a thing of the past.  First, let me say this: do not think for one second that what you post is “private…” even with all of the privacy settings in the world.  Once you put it out there for the WORLD WIDE WEB to see (which is the meaning of “www.” that is in front of any social networking page you log onto…like, you can’t take it back.

Yes, even when the privacy setting is on the highest possible setting.

Plus, with people saving and “screenshotting” any and everything nowadays, what you post is not all that private…not even within your own circle of “online friends” (yes…I said it!).

Scary, right?

You have the right to post it.  People have the right to perceive it.  You have the right to free speech, as it states in the First Amendment…including what you post on your page.  Everyone can agree to that.  However, you don’t have the right to control what are people’s interpretation of what you posted.  Do you know how many times I’ve seen someone miss the entire point of what someone posted…and took it the wrong way?  How many times have you’ve seen someone feel disrespected by something that may have been innocent?

Think of it this way:  if you saw someone constantly posting about what other people should/should not be doing (think Kermit memes), or going on angry internet rants, but rarely posting something about personal or professional improvement/growth or something to benefit others, what would you think about that person?  Okay, now think about you being in that person’s shoes and your employer/future business partner seeing you in the same manner?

It’s is fair game to your employer as well as any potential business partners.  They may not be on your “friends” list but that does not mean that they don’t know what’s going on with you on your page.  Especially your potential or current employer.  Some companies have software just to see how long you are online using social media and for what.  Some government jobs require — especially before hiring someone — that you tell them what your pages are (and not to delete anything from your page during the interview process).  If they are the government, then you probably know that there are ways for them to see what is on your page with or without your permission.  So, sometimes it’s not about being “right” or “justified” to say, do or post whatever you want.  It’s simply about “how is what I’m saying now going to affect my future?”  Is going to cost me a major deal with a client?  A promotion?  My entire career?  And sometimes being right in the present isn’t worth it when your future is worth so much more.

Technically, while your page is your page because of the information you have on there, does not mean it is yours alone.  After all, each time you post, you are sharing some things about yourself, whether it is intentional or unintentional.  Too much sharing of yourself is not always a good thing.  Sometimes, you could be sharing the wrong things without even realizing it.



Photo Credits:  PA Times and The Growing Room