Hello and Happy New Year!

We know we are in February now, but I feel it is appropriate to still say it because we haven’t been here since November 2014.

Although we took a 3 month hiatus, in that time, we worked on a few things that we will have in store for you in 2015.  We will update the website according when we are ready to make our announcements.

Also during that time, we’ve still networked and connected with other women to find out what is the major thing they would want to improve on the most?

What I discovered was that they were most interested in self-discovery and networking with other like-minded business and career-oriented women.  So, we asked at least ten women what their goals were and how they planned to achieve them?  Some had an idea of how to accomplish their goals, but not all.

There were two strategies that stuck out to me when thinking of the best way to help others and myself accomplish our goals.

I know most you may have heard of a SMART GOAL and maybe even a Vision Board, but a SMART Vision Board?!

What is that?

As you may remember from an article we posted in October, a SMART Goal means to have a goal that that is SMART:smart

Well, a Vision Board is when you put images together to help you visualize the goals you would like to accomplish.  The images should resonate with you in such a way that you could see your goal clearly just by looking at it.  SMART Goal Setting helps you set a goal and strategically help you accomplish it.

Below is a small part of my Vision Board (which I keep it on my Lock Screen and Home Screen on my phone):


A SMART Vision Board helps the SMART Goal AND the Vision Board become a reality.  It does this in two ways:

  1. you set the SMART Goal, then you create your vision around it; or
  2. you take an item from your Vision Board and you set the goal in a SMART way to help you reach that goal.

The point of this is to help you feel less overwhelmed about what you would like to accomplish and break it down into strategic, doable steps.

By the end of year, you should have at least 10 items.  This will also help you see the things you’ve accomplished in 2015.

Ready to get started?

If you would like help with this individually, or to have workshop, a seminar, or a party, contact me here so we could get started!

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