Have you ever been in a situation and not know how you even got into it?  Have you ever asked yourself “why me?”

Well, have you ever considered asking yourself “why not me?”

Walk with me for a minute…

Perhaps, the reason why you are in said predicament is because you have the tools you need to not only get yourself out of it, but to help others get out of it also.  You may not realize it while you are in darkest hour, but your skill set and your gifts that are unique to you can be used to help you better yourself as well as make the best out of an “not-so-ideal” situation.

Maybe what’s waiting for you on the other side of the door is exactly what you’ve always prayed for, but you have to get through and out of your current state first.  Nothing great will happen if you accept what is currently going on and do not push through the tough times.

No one said getting through anything would be easy, but it could very well be worth it.  Remember that being slightly (or very) uncomfortable may cause pressure, which is a big part of success.  So, no pressure…no diamonds.

Now, are you ready to push through, join that light at the end of the tunnel and shine bright…like a diamond?