Say what you will about Kim Kardashian, but she has managed to take a negative and turn it into a positive and build an empire from it.  I’m definitely not saying go out there, make a tape and hope for the best.  Not saying that at all!!!  But I am saying that there are some positive points that we can all learn in a negative situation.  Here are a few tips you can use when creating your own signature style:

1.  Know yourself.  According to this article, Kardashian said “I know what works for me and I’m sticking with it.”  When you know yourself and are comfortable with yourself, you can confidently build your signature style around it.  In this particular article, she was talking about the “no makeup” makeup look, but if you check out her wardrobe choices today, it’s pretty much consistent with how she views her makeup choice.

2.  Style matters. The one thing she is known for is her signature style.  She re-branded herself from “the infamous tape” to a trendsetter, and for what it’s worth…a lot of people are sold!!!  If you notice, her uniform of choice is usually a body conscious (bodycon) dress (or a form-fitting outfit) and sky high (platform) heels.  When you know yourself, you can develop a style that reflects who you are while letting people know who you are without having to say so.  In other words, your style says “can’t you see who I am?!”

3.  Delivery is key. Once Kardashian realized who she was and what she wanted to become — a fashion authority — she developed a style to bring out her fashionista side and delivers it almost every time you see her.  The streets, airports, special events, are all her runway and she owns it…consistently!  Find your style and your space, own it, then keep doing it!

So, discover who you are, know what you want accomplish, and commit to it! That shows your self-confidence and makes you look comfortable with who you are, what you’re wearing and even says a lot about you as a professional or an authority in your expertise.

Whatever Kardashian’s look of the day is, she is committed to it 100%. You have to be committed to the investment of you as well.


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