Business cards are all about first impressions.  It speaks for you and your business in seconds (approximately seven seconds!!).

A business card gives people a snippet of your company’s products and services by its design.  The more inventive and creative your business cards are, the more it will stick in a person’s memory, which will remind them of the person attached to the card.

Now, what does that mean for YOU?

It means that when you choose your wardrobe, it is the initial design the world gets to see that represents the products and services you are offering.  It is what you “hand” to people when you first meet them.  A business card has all of your important information (name, phone number, email, website), but it shows most than just that.  Like a font on a business card, your style shows if you are serious, playful, professional, stylish, cutting edge.  Your style can also display if you put any effort into your wardrobe, which can have a negative effect on how your business is perceived.

So, what is the style of your business card?

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