Women in Business: Why Is It Important To Have A Mentor?

The idea behind having a mentor is to learn something from people who are like “been there, done that.”  Your mentor might not have to be in the same industry you operate, or someone you can reach easily but someone who inspires you greatly. Mentor is someone who has a story to tell, and that story can help your work and even personal life. Related: Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs You.. Read More

5 Secrets of Women Running the Most Exciting Companies in the World

My list of 5 secrets of women running the most exciting companies in the world is actually a compilation of Michelle Zatlyn, Adi Tatarko and & Julia Hartz’s experiences and challenges. Hartz is a co-founder and CEO of Eventbrite, Zatlyn is managing CloudFlare while Tatarko is the brain behind Houzz. These inspiring ladies have not been successful right from the scratch. I have tried to discover their serects of success.. Read More

Why Women Should Start Their Own Business – NOW!

women in business

For women, running a successful business might seem like a long journey but once you’re there, you’ll be happier than ever. A research has concluded that when it comes to confidence and salaries of working women the graph of their happiness (as compared with men) has taken a nosedive since 1970s. Related: Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs You Can’t Miss on Twitter. BUT all is not lost here.  Another — more.. Read More

Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs You Can’t Miss on Twitter

Social media can play a big role in your marketing strategy and when we talk about social media for business, you can’t ignore Twitter. One of the most common things we do at Twitter is we follow everyone who follows us. Whether he is a musician, a chef, computer programmer or a beautician – it’s not a bad thing but at times this drifts us away from our goals. We.. Read More

7 Traits of Confident Women (#4 is the Best)

When we talk about confident women, there are many things in their character that are alike. Take, for example Malala Yousufzai or Oprah Winfrey – What is it that make these women so unique and sparkling? What is it that they share in common? And what makes them so memorable? The answer to all these questions lies deep down there character – what they are made of! Related: Few Lessons.. Read More

Few Lessons For Women Entrepreneurs From the Life of Marissa Mayer

Marissa Mayer is probably the only influential female personality in tech industry and there is a lot to be learned from her life, struggles and choices. We all know her as the Yahoo-Lady but her real story starts when she chose to become a part of a startup we now known as “Google.” She was one of the first 25 employees at Google and her contribution to the early success.. Read More

Expert Advises on What Not to Wear to Work

Many business women are guilty of wearing “whatever they think is right to wear” They don’t give enough thought or attention to the impact dressing can have on clients and subordinates. This lack of attention can sometimes mean lost opportunities in shape of not winning a contract. Related: 3 Fitness Apps Perfectly Designed for Busy Women Entrepreneurs! Through this article, I’m aiming to highlight the most common fashion mistakes women in.. Read More

3 Fitness Apps: Perfectly Designed For Busy Women Entrepreneurs!

If you love your family, your work and your busy routine, you probably aren’t paying enough attention to your health and fitness. Come on! There are only 24 hours in a day. But trust me, physical fitness doesn’t only keep you in good shape but can also help you in performing your best at office. Related: 5 Reasons Why Cookie Lyon IS the Boss! For exercise you need three things.. Read More

4 Most Common Challenges Faced by Women Entrepreneurs and How To Overcome Them!

Entrepreneurship was once exclusive to men but not anymore. With each passing year we have more and more women stepping in the ring and competing fiercely with their competitors. What we have now are not just ladies running their small businesses but women who are inspiring and can take up the leadership role as men do. Despite this change, these business-savvy leaders still face roadblocks and challenges day in and.. Read More