If you love your family, your work and your busy routine, you probably aren’t paying enough attention to your health and fitness. Come on! There are only 24 hours in a day. But trust me, physical fitness doesn’t only keep you in good shape but can also help you in performing your best at office.

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For exercise you need three things – motivation, time & goals. A busy women business owner is likely to have the motivation and goals but not enough time. This is where we need to get smart and creative. As the popular Apple trademark goes “There’s an app for that” – luckily there are apps that can keep the busiest of us fit without consuming too much time.

So, let’s quickly get down to our list and find out how these apps can help us in staying fit without any gym membership or exercise classes.

1. 7 Minute Workout

As the name suggests, all you need is 7-minutes and some consistency. The app is built around HIIT principles and delivers what it claims. It has 12 exercises that come in the form of a challenging 7-minute workout. Everything is easy to follow as the app comes with video instructions and voice over. It’s also very easy to keep track of your activities like weight-loss or progress through the app.  Get the app here.

2. Jogrunsprint

A few minutes of workout every day might sound easy but studies have shown that due to the intense nature of these workouts many fail to keep it regular. A Danish research team has changed the structure of these intense workouts. They have stretched the 7 or 8 minute training into 12 minutes, which consists of relax, moderate and full-throttle patterns. According to the study, exercise becomes more doable in these patterns.

Jogrunsprint is an app that is developed on the basis of this technique. It splits your workout in 1 km of warm-up phase then there is this “run” phase consisting of 10 or 20 seconds and finally a phase where you have to “sprint” but not more than 30 seconds.

3. Yoga Studio

Now this one is for business women who are willing to spend a little more tome of their fitness. Yoga Studio is specially designed for people who love Yoga but are always short on time. This powerful app gives you more than 50 videos and around 300 visuals of the most effective Yoga positions.

Bottom Line

I am sure one of these apps will help you stay fit and healthy no matter if you’re in office, travelling or enjoying that rare holiday! Let me know what you think about these apps in comments below.