Many business women are guilty of wearing “whatever they think is right to wear” They don’t give enough thought or attention to the impact dressing can have on clients and subordinates. This lack of attention can sometimes mean lost opportunities in shape of not winning a contract.

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Through this article, I’m aiming to highlight the most common fashion mistakes women in general and business women in particular are making…

Dressing too Sexy

Probably the biggest fashion mistake we’re making is showing too much cleavage.

According to Ginger Burr; Founder of Total Image Consultants,

“It’s distracting and inappropriate in a business environment”

A recent study by a well-known psychologist Peter Glick of Lawrence University concluded that women entrepreneurs or women working at high-level corporate positions who dress in what might be termed as a sexy attire are often perceived as incompetent, no matter what their skillset is.

So, if you want to be really successful in the professional world, maybe it’s time avoid that low-cut top.

Wearing Clothes that Don’t Suit the Body

If you get up every morning and try on different outfits, not sure what to wear – you’re not alone! According to Barbara Pachter, an etiquette expert; there are a surprising number of women entrepreneurs who just are not sure of what style of clothing will suit their body type. The result is, you see a lot of women in clothes that are either too big or need some tailor’s attention badly. Pachter advises women to buy clothes from a store that has on-site tailoring facility.

Not Learning From the Work Environment

Another mistake is when you don’t learn what you should from people around you. This might not be particularly relevant for women business owners, but they should look around, find out what’s trendy and happening in their industry too. Make this a part of your “competitive analysis” and find out what your biggest competitor is wearing, is her style unique and does it contribute to her business growth?

According to James McDonald, a partner at Fisher & Phillips: You don’t need to read a company manual in order to find out what is and what’s not appropriate to wear at work – it’s common sense.

Summing it up…

Other than what I have mentioned above, there are wardrobe selections to be avoided strictly while going to work. Clothes that reveal panty or bra lines are just inappropriate, no matter what type of a work environment you have. PERIOD.

Bottom Line

So, are we supposed to be overly conservative in style and fashion? Glick thinks otherwise. We should be just a little cautious while trying to work on personal style and individuality.

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