Social media can play a big role in your marketing strategy and when we talk about social media for business, you can’t ignore Twitter. One of the most common things we do at Twitter is we follow everyone who follows us. Whether he is a musician, a chef, computer programmer or a beautician – it’s not a bad thing but at times this drifts us away from our goals. We begin to focus more on our increasing number of followers rather than the quality of our followers and a chance to engage with them. If you are running a beauty salon, engaging with a musician won’t help your cause a great deal. Of course, every follower counts especially if you are active on Twitter but what’s more beneficial are some of the amazing people I’m going to discuss. My list of top 10 women entrepreneur you can’t miss on Twitter includes women who might not be in the same industry as you are but they share inspiring, motivating, top quality content.

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Twitter has literally blown my mind with its amazing ability to seamlessly connect with terrific people. I have found people whom I could never know if not for the Internet & Twitter. These terrific women have changed my perception in so many ways. I am sure following these women entrepreneurs is going to help you excel – no matter what your business is…

1. Aliza Sherman (@alizasherman)

A multi-millionaire women entrepreneur, who is committed in helping other women business owners.

2. Kathy Meyer (@2cre8)

Kathy is a tech and marketing enthusiast – her Twitter feed is always fresh and filled with amazing ideas for business women.

3. Maren Kate (@MarenKate)

An entrepreneur with amazing spark and awesome blogging skills!

4. Carrie Wilkerson (@barefoot_exec)

Carrie encourages men and women both who work from home.

5. Linda Hughes (@iempoweru)

She just loves entrepreneurs no matter what their business is. You will find lots of inspirational stuff on her Twitter.

6. Anita Campbell (@smallbiztrends)

Evident from her Twitter handle, Anita is very supportive for small businesses.

7. Simone Brummelhuis (@thenextwoman)

The founder of Next Woman Mag, that offers exciting, motivational stories from the women business world.

8. Karmen Reed (@kickofftopic)

Karmen provides online support for small businesses. She also loves to travel and cook!

9. Melissa Galt (@prosperbydesign)

She is a social media expert, style visionary, adventurer, speaker, author and much more.

10. Natalia (@nakisnakis)

Natalia usually tweets about #women and #innovations. She is also CEO of @PipelineWomen

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