The idea behind having a mentor is to learn something from people who are like “been there, done that.”  Your mentor might not have to be in the same industry you operate, or someone you can reach easily but someone who inspires you greatly. Mentor is someone who has a story to tell, and that story can help your work and even personal life.

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Women today who are running their own business need to find a mentor more than ever. I say this because, every day I see more women entering in the exciting entrepreneurship world. More and more women want to create something, start working from home and be their own bosses. It’s easier said than done.  What’s missing is the direction, vision, inner strength and a bit more. I believe having a mentor can solve most of these problems and help the women today emerge as world leaders in business. This is why I think women in business need to have a mentor…

1. Contacts and Knowledge

This one is particularly relevant to when you have a mentor from your own domain. You can gain some invaluable industry information and access to his or her contacts, which can make the starting phase of your business much easier.

2. Life Skills

When you have your own startup, you really can’t separate your personal and business life. We, as women and mentees, can learn a great deal from initial struggles, failures and success of our mentors.

3. Vision and Perspective

We all make plans, some work and some don’t. Discussing your plans with your mentor will help you look at things in a different perspective. With his or her vast experience, you can imagine things, which being alone is impossible.

4. You Won’t Feel Isolated

When you have your own business you are likely to feel isolated, especially when you’re struggling in the beginning. Friends and family can’t help you as a mentor can. Having a mentor sometimes acts as a partnership, a go-to person, which bosses often need.

5. Improved Performance

What most mentors do is they give you their suggestions and feedback, based on their invaluable experience. This feedback, if used, can positively help women entrepreneurs to learn from their mistakes and enhance their skill set.

Bottom Line

No matter how good a mentor is, the full benefits of mentorship can’t be achieved if the mentee is unwilling to learn. It is not necessary to act on ever advice from your mentor (it’s not an Army after all) but it is essential to value the relationship and experience he or she carries.

Do you have to add to the list? I would love to hear from you.

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