To take their business to new heights in 2016, women entrepreneurs should start tracking their progress, streamline processes and increase productivity. Luckily, there’s an app for that. With all the advancement in technology in recent times, we can run our business on the go!

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In this blog I’ll be telling you about some cool apps that can be very important to your business growth. They are very easy to incorporate in your daily routine.

1. Evernote

Evernote is probably one of the most popular note-taking application out there. The best part is almost all of its amazing features are available in the free version. It is available in iOS, Android and Web platform. Through Evernote you can of course take notes quickly, sync files, create to-do list, save web pages, etc…and all this from the ease of an app.

2. Dropbox

I personally can’t live without Dropbox. Although there are many other application like DP but it is so elegantly designed and easy to use that you don’t have to look elsewhere. With drop box you don’t have to worry about files saved on your desktop PC at home or anywhere else as you can access them wherever you are.

3. TripIT

Generally you get to travel a lot when you’re a woman entrepreneur and it is bound to get hard to keep track of all your bookings and schedule. This amazing app makes your travel easy by properly scheduling everything and sending important notifications.,

4. Lastpass

When you’re an entrepreneur, you have to sign in to different websites, check your emails daily and log into different systems. This means that you have to remember various passwords — passwords that are a combination of letters and numbers which are not that easy to remember. This is where Lastpass comes in handy. It lets you remember and store all your passwords through convenient user interface.

5. Any.Do

This cool app won’t let you miss a deadline. You can create a task in this app and it will remind you with different notification alerts. The app also allows you to sync tasks and share with team members, so no matter where you are – you will always stay ahead of the race.

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