I believe women entrepreneurs should close the gate to insecurity to open doors to new horizons of opportunity.

In this post I will be covering the most important but often overlooked aspect for women entrepreneurs.  “Confidence.”

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The issue of confidence is hardly ever confronted by women running their own business. When you are a woman in charge of your own business, the confidence issue can make or break your entire process, especially during the first 5 years of your business.

“Do you know only 1 in 13 women becomes a successful entrepreneur as compared to 1 in 5 men?”

It’s time to change the above numbers by working towards getting more confidence and staying positive.

Let’s find out why confidence is such a game-changer for women entrepreneurs.

You’re a woman – So, what?

I believe it is important to do your business no matter what the circumstances are. Develop that “nobody can tell me what to do” type of an attitude. Believe in yourself and the fact that you can do everything that any man can do.

It is a good idea to be well-prepared, especially in situations where male opponents outnumber you. I used to prepare my power stance, and get ready a night before such events. Practice what you’re going to say, look like, stand and smile before the mirror. Yes … you may not “feel” like it, but stay strong and keep going!

REMEMBER…The better prepared you are the more confident you’re likely to be!

Know your business

It’s your business, so you should know it better than anyone else. This means, you must have all the information about your target market, potential customers, their likes and dislikes. From securing finances to expanding your reach, everything becomes easier when you know your business and things related to it well. All this information about your business will make you a stronger, more confident business woman.

You’re emotional and it’s perfectly fine

It is a fact that good leaders get emotional too. Many women entrepreneurs on the other hand are reluctant to show their emotions. They think it is weak to be emotional. Many experts are of the opinion that women should wear their emotions with pride. This can contribute to the success.

Men and Women are equal

It hurts that we are still having this debate. It has been proven time to time that men and women are equal. So, let’s move on…

I advise my readers to not only stop thinking about this but also not to indulge in any such debate. Don’t let this false idea of “men are better than women” hamper your progress or prevent you to try something.

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