Listing down everything is an old-school technique but it won’t be making today’s business women look ancient. In fact it can help them stay focused on daily tasks and never miss a deadline.

We never forget to make a list of items while visiting a grocery store but hardly anyone lists down the important thing she has to do in a day. The result is we miss deadlines, late to meetings and miss out on various other opportunities. For a business women, all these things become more important and with it the importance of list-writing or journalizing.

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David Starr, a famous scientist and educator said,

“The world stands aside to let anyone pass who knows where he is going”

You have goals alright but list-writing is like a clear direction towards those goals. In this post I will cover a few benefits of journalizing and why it is important for your business.

Journalizing to Success

I believe that my paper and pen empowers me to keep on going forward. The list you maintain can prevent you from forgetting important events and deadlines. I advise my readers to keep their list in front of them so that you can mark the tasks as they are being completed. This also helps in keeping the motivation high. I personally like to tick mark the completed tasks.

What’s Written is More Real

Yes, what’s on your mind matters but what’s written is more real. When you’re meeting a client or an investor, he is more interested in what you have in a written report form, rather what do you have in mind. Whether it is a hard or a soft copy, what’s written is tangible – you can feel it, make changes to it, get your share of accomplishment through it.

List-writing brings more clarity to your business and with it a tremendous amount of focus.

Bottom Line

I challenge the business women community to start making to-do lists. The list can be something like your “30 days plan” “your goal for new year” “daily tasks” dream vacation spot”, etc. Make a commitment and start making the list each day in the morning.

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