I’m sure I don’t really have to tell you about the importance of goal setting. The question here is, despite knowing all the benefits of it, why do women entrepreneurs often fail in achieving their goals? Are we doing something wrong? Are we being over optimistic? There’s something definitely wrong.

Whenever I feel stuck, I always go to the basics. This helps me identify the problem and adjust my course a bit (if needed). I think it is also time to go to the basics of goal settings, rethink our approach and individually discover areas where we are going wrong. Below are a few basics of goal setting, particularly aimed at women wntrepreneurs,

Quick Tip: Making a quick progress is not a bad thing but sometimes we just need to take a small break and take a peak on our past, check if we are on the right track that leads to our goals and then set on the journey again.

#1 – Writing Your Goals in Detail

I have tried to highlight the importance of list-making and journalizing in my last post. You already know, what’s written is more real. Make sure that you have a written and well prepared plan and goals. You don’t set your goals daily, so make them detailed and comprehensive.

#2 – Visualize Your Goals

It is not a quote or anything; neither can I prove it but visualizing your goals, living it even before you’re there makes you more motivated. This is my own experience.

#3 – Doable Plan

Your goals should be high but realistic as well. Something not easy to achieve but doable too!

#4 – Set a Time

Have you set a time for your goals to be achieved? If not, then you should. Without a time frame you’re likely to go complacent and be a victim of procrastination.

#5 – Are You Consistent?

It is a good idea to take a look at your past accomplishment. Check whether you’re consistent with your plans and achieving them.

Bottom Line

For women entrepreners it is important to reward yourself. This can help you stay motivated and focused in achieving your future goals. Take some time out for yourself to relax, have fun and enjoy. Remember, spending time with friends and family is as important as getting to your goals.

Need help goal setting?  Download this free workbook here.