Women entrepreneurs seriously lag behind in the world of business. Men have continued to rule even in this modern era. Women entrepreneurs are increasing day by day but their business does not seem to expand accordingly. There are several reasons for this.

The one that is most concerning to me is insufficient networking.

When it comes to networking, there is a general fear that prevails among women. They don’t find it all that easy to expand their business network which is probably why women biz owners often don’t make it to the top level.

Factually speaking, men and women entrepreneurs seek business advice from their personal relationships and men normally have more people in their circle. Women usually seek advice from their family while men rely more on their friends’ advice. Understandably, men would be able to expand further into the society with their business.

So what is the solution to this issue? This time I bring to you some of the key tips and tricks that will help you socialize and expand your business through effective networking.

#1 Be heard

Whenever you are in a gathering, you should make sure that people get to know what you do and why you do it. You need to make your business sound attractive so that you can engage people into hearing you out. If your business is based on the basic needs of society, you have better chances of succeeding and people will pay more attention to what you say.

#2 Talk to More People

One way of expanding your network is to have lots and lots of conversations with different people. Women generally bind themselves in a closed surrounding with limited number of people around them. You need to get out of this small circle. Meeting different people can take you to new ways. In one way or the other, you may depend on each other for your business needs. The best way to know that is through communicating and for that you need to talk to more people.

#3 Search for a Platform

Target your audience and search where you can reach them more conveniently. There are seminars and organizations where women representation is essential and effective. Utilizing those platforms to market your business can do wonders. Specific groups meant for industries such as Chamber of Commerce or organizations such as IEEE are good social platforms for marketing yourself.

#4 Build onto Relationships

Make sure that a good contact stays in touch with you. A firm relationship will help you in the longer run. Make sure to frequently contact your friends and business-related personnel. You can even have some random chats just to make sure you stay in touch.

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