5 Expert Tips for Women Who Want to Start Their Own Business

More and more women are looking to quit their 9 – 5 and go for something more exciting and independent. They want to start their own business and feel what it feels like to be an entrepreneur. Here, the sad part is, not every story is a success story. In fact more than half of businesses initiated by women never get to see the 2nd phase of their business. Having.. Read More

Women Entrepreneurs: 5 Motivational Books You Can’t Miss

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“Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read.” – Groucho Marx For me, a good leader must be a good reader! If you’re a woman entrepreneur who is not much into books then you should try and develop your love for them. I would recommend taking a start with something that interests you, like a newspaper or magazine and.. Read More

Introducing the 3 Cs and How Can Women Business Owners Master Them

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The biggest challenge for women business owners is raising a family, babies and another baby called “the company.” You can easily manage when you have a smaller family, say 1 or 2 kids. Your small business can run smoothly and return to what is expected. The problem usually starts when you family grows. Here I am talking about your kid #3 and #4 (do you know China has a one-child.. Read More

New Year’s Resolution! 3 Things Women Entrepreneurs Must Do in 2016

It’s the New Year already!  Yes, time does fly! It is no doubt the fun time of the year but also a great time to focus on your accomplishments and past goals. Also, this is (and should be) the time for women entrepreneurs to re-evaluate whether you have to do something differently. Think what you have done right and where you went wrong.  But before you set your goals for.. Read More