2 Fearless Women Entrepreneurs Who Are Living the Life of Their Dreams

fearless women entrepreneurs

Gone are the days where women sat at home waiting for their husbands to arrive from work. Today’s woman is empowered and can run the day to day affairs just as well as men if not better. The rise of fearless women entrepreneurs is quite evident of how well women have done in the field of business recently. Related: Three Things That Shatter Confidence In Women We have two amazingly.. Read More

Why Women Should Be In Leadership Positions

Businesswomen have taken giant strides and women entrepreneurship has been on the rise in this century. It is not just women working to earn but it is also to shut mouths that never spoke in the favor of working women. It is more of a battle than just business because women are not just competing with their counterparts, in fact they are at war with ideologies that limit women in.. Read More

Confidence Building for Businesswomen

confidence building

Women have powered their way into the business world. They have achieved it through resilience and the will power to continue their journey. Against all odds, women entrepreneurs have established empires and businesses that are both successful and well reputed. Related: 3 Things That Shatter Confidence in Women It takes a whole lot of courage for them because women are not only competing with their counterparts. Instead, they are at.. Read More

Reasons Why Business Women Will Succeed This Year

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With the development in the world of women entrepreneurship, businesswomen now hold an instrumental position in the market. According to a survey, 36% of businesses in US are owned by women. Understandably, women have quite an impact on the economy of the country. Related: Women in business: How Confidence Can Get You More Funding The running business year is expected to be the one for women. There are several reasons.. Read More

Women in Business: How Confidence Can Get You More Funding

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For women in business, attracting funds can be one of the toughest jobs. You are likely to step in your investor’s office filled with males and their male perspective. According to a latest US report, 36% of the growing businesses in the country are run by women. The percentage is still low but you can’t ignore it. So, how do we address the most common problems for women in business.. Read More

Entrepreneurial Lessons from the Life of My Mom

entrepreneurial lessons

I am simply amazed by the fact that how simple things in life can teach you the most complex entrepreneurial lessons. This time it is the life of my mother… In a woman’s life, there is so much happening all the time. From young age to youth and then to the older age, a woman’s life is always a challenge. It doesn’t matter whether she is a working woman or.. Read More

Why the Online World Favors the Women in Business

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The online world is essential for everyone, no matter what you do but it particularly favors the women in business. Do you know the number of people registered on Facebook almost equals the population of China? 1.35 billion! More than 3 billion of people are online today, which makes very easy to reach out and build stronger connections. This is particularly relevant to women in business (as they tend to.. Read More

3 Things that Shatter Confidence in Women

confidence in women

With time, women have made their way into most fields. They have proved their worth and potential as comprehensive planners and executors. Female entrepreneurship is on a high and businesswomen have gained acceptance in most parts of the world. Women these days work shoulder to shoulder with men and in many fields, they have even taken the lead. Society acceptance for women has been prevailing and it has become easier.. Read More