With time, women have made their way into most fields. They have proved their worth and potential as comprehensive planners and executors. Female entrepreneurship is on a high and businesswomen have gained acceptance in most parts of the world.

Women these days work shoulder to shoulder with men and in many fields, they have even taken the lead. Society acceptance for women has been prevailing and it has become easier for them to work and accomplish their dreams.

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Having said that, a large number of this woman population is still at sea when it comes to moving on with their professional careers. They seem to be stuck at a point and are reluctant to move forward. Hence they become content with what they have and drop the anchors midway in the pursuit of their dreams.

According to a recent research, women do not make a move unless they are 100% sure about it. They wait for the right moment and things to align perfectly for them. In the process, there is a high probability that the chances would go begging. The key ingredient here is the confidence in women. Most women lack this and here are the reasons why.


Too much pressure from peers or anyone can drain the confidence in women. When it comes to getting a task done, some people can be too critical of your work. Therefore, women  in general tends to second guess their work and are not feel confident about it. About 54% of women are victimized to this lack of confidence because of these critics around them. However, on most occasions, you may not be wrong. It’s just that you are being over criticized.


Around half of the working women lack confidence because they are just not happy what they are doing. Hence, they are not able to put in 100% effort which will not help them gain any confidence. The best solution is to do what you are good at and do what you really want to do. This will not just polish your skills but also boost your confidence a great deal.

Trying to Be Perfect

Around 55% of women face this problem. They are too critical of themselves in order to achieve the perfect result. You need to understand that it just won’t happen every time. You may end up overdoing things which is not what you want. Self-doubt will not help at all.

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