The online world is essential for everyone, no matter what you do but it particularly favors the women in business.

Do you know the number of people registered on Facebook almost equals the population of China? 1.35 billion! More than 3 billion of people are online today, which makes very easy to reach out and build stronger connections. This is particularly relevant to women in business (as they tend to fall behind when it comes to connections). The online world, especially social media puts tremendous amount of power in women’s hand. But as Uncle Ben wisely said, “With great power comes great responsibility” – you should use the platforms carefully. How you interact with your target audience also matters.

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With a heavy heart, I must say that men still dominate the business world but this can change soon. As soon as we realize the hidden potential of the online world & how it can be used to our benefit. Not too many, but I have devised 3 tips for women in business to use the online marketplace to their advantage.

1. Get Personal

Marketing your business is all about story telling. How well you tell your story is what matters and no story is as captivating as a true story. So, the idea here is to try and sell your own story, get personal with your audience, connect with them at a more personal level and see your brand, idea or product become more visible. The online world is a perfect place to shout out loud and be recognized.

Adrienne Graham, CEO of Empower Me admits that she struggled to connect with people until she started a radio program on online radio. This program helped her connect to her audience at a more personal level and now she has a huge fan base.

2. Build Relationships

Sometimes we tend to overdo things. This is particularly relevant to when we start promoting our business and services only and not enough content to build relationships. Promoting only what is beneficial to your business can sometimes make you look spammy.

The best thing here is to adopt Gina DeVee’s 90/10 rule, which means that your online marketing content should be 90 percent tips, pictures and values and only 10 percent promotions.

3. Spark Emotions

It is a fact that women are more emotional than men but we tend to hide it for reasons unknown. I believe strong emotions is our strength and we should be very open about it. Emotions drive purchase decision too. So, no matter what you do, don’t hide your emotion EVER!

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