For women in business, attracting funds can be one of the toughest jobs. You are likely to step in your investor’s office filled with males and their male perspective. According to a latest US report, 36% of the growing businesses in the country are run by women. The percentage is still low but you can’t ignore it. So, how do we address the most common problems for women in business that is to secure some good capital?

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The solution is not an easy one as most top executives at venture capital firms are male and (whether right or wrong) have their own perspective. In such an environment you are bound to feel low (maybe depressed at times) but this is what we should be doing…

#1. Self-Assurance

When approaching venture capitalist, the worst thing any business owner can do is to sound unsure. We, as women tend to fall this trap more often than men. We are at times not sure of what we have on offer and how different we are. My point and advice here is to be confident, self-assured when putting your business ideas forward.

#2. Reaching Out

When it comes to networking, I don’t know why but women are often found in their shell. Being unassertive is not going to help you attract clients or investors. The trick is to reach out, start talking, and socialize more often than you usually do. Venture capitalist are more likely to provide with capital, if they think they know you.

#3. More Stamina

Feeling down after a few failed attempts is natural. Standing up every time after a disappointment hits you is crucial to your success. It is highly unlikely that you will attract a huge investment in your first few attempts. Bear that in mind and keep on working towards your goal with more stamina…

#4. Positivity

Confidence can help you with positivity. Your confidence shows in your attitude and this is what investors want to see. Speaking to many venture capitalists, I firmly belief that they want to see something different. Your confidence and positivity can help you stand out from the rest of the competition and being a woman is definitely going to help you on your course.


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