Women have powered their way into the business world. They have achieved it through resilience and the will power to continue their journey. Against all odds, women entrepreneurs have established empires and businesses that are both successful and well reputed.

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It takes a whole lot of courage for them because women are not only competing with their counterparts. Instead, they are at war with ideologies and the thinking of society. There is not just one barrier for women when it comes to business. It is quite a difficult job for them to maintain a lifestyle where they cater to the needs of their business as well as their family.

Having said all that, women still face problems during their entrepreneurial journeys. One of the main reasons and causes is lack of confidence. It is women’s nature to avoid doing something until they are completely sure about being able to do it successfully.

There is a battle of thoughts that runs in their minds and they remind themselves of all the reasons why they shouldn’t take up a challenge. According to the book “The Confidence Code,” men usually overestimate their performance and abilities while women normally underestimate both.

In women, there are 30% more neurons being fired all the time which enables them with multitasking and their intuitive sense. However, these neurons also cause women to worry and stress more.

In easier terms, a women’s brain doesn’t help her much with confidence problems because there is so much going on in the mind all at once which has more of a negative impact than a positive one.

To help themselves with confidence issues, women should understand that failure is not a bad thing. Most women don’t take up a task just because of the fear of failure. There is always room for improvement and it’s always worth one more try.

Women should concentrate more on what’s at hand rather than worrying about the outcome. To build confidence, they need to set smaller goals to help them get started. Having achieved those goals will give them the confidence to move forward. For this purpose, women also tend to join accountability groups to help them gain confidence.

Women need to take care of their confidence problems and it is only them who can tackle the issues. Just remembers that you are not the slave of those extra neurons and you can do much better.

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