Gone are the days where women sat at home waiting for their husbands to arrive from work. Today’s woman is empowered and can run the day to day affairs just as well as men if not better. The rise of fearless women entrepreneurs is quite evident of how well women have done in the field of business recently.

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We have two amazingly talented and gutsy businesswomen who are now living their dreams. Let’s talk about the secrets to their success.

Shelly Sun

Shelly is the CEO and founder of BrightStar Care. It all started with Shelly and her husband having a tough time finding the right healthcare professional for their grandmother. Since they lived quite a distance from where the grandma lived, it became a difficult job for them to address to her needs.

fearless women entrepreneurs

These conditions served as the basis for BrightStar Care. Shelly and her husband started the company which offers numerous healthcare services and medical staffs. Shelly interviewed the medical professionals herself. She took interviews from her competitors to determine how she could be different from them in order to enter mainstream healthcare.

Within three years of its inception, BrightStar Care launched its branches in Chicago and McHenry County, Illinois.

Shelly was asked by her mother-in-law to give a training session to managers and owners at one of the hotels she had invested in. It gave Shelly the idea of expanding her business through franchising. She documented all the process and with sheer hard work.  They were able to sell their first franchise by 2005.

Since then, there was no looking back. The revenues have continued to grow and the business keeps on expanding. Shelly is now a business mentor and at present she is self-publishing a book that highlights all her experiences.

Ellen Latham

Ellen was a fitness trainer and a single mom who had lost her job.  From that moment, she decided to put her expertise as a fitness trainer to use.  She also has a degree in exercise physiology, so she used her education paired with her skills to teach Pilates in her home.  She became so busy with working out in home, in 2006, she decided to open a Pilates studio.

fearless women entrepreneurs

Later, she was able to integrate weight training and found out the right weight loss theory with her customers. This studio flourished and they later opened “Orangetheory Fitness” (OTF).

She worked with franchise owners even when she initially knew nothing about it. Today, Latham’s OTF has above 700 studios allover United States. The number is expected to rise to 1000 on the international level by the year 2018.

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