A general survey suggested that death is the second biggest fear people have, the first being the fear of public speaking. It is for a number of reasons that people are afraid of saying out loud what they actually want to say.

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One of the reasons why people run from public speaking is that they think their ideas may be foolish and they may be made fun of.  Well if you don’t speak, how can one say how foolish your idea might be?  It may be a lot more crazy than you thought!  Jokes apart, it is important that you speak what you feel regardless of what people might think about it.

Business requires a lot of public speaking and therefore I bring to you 7 ways on how you can nail your public speaking.

1. Believe In Your Words

Regardless of how good of a voice you may have and how stylish you might look, believing in your words is the key to effective public speaking. Often, speakers are not confident about what they are saying, which just makes them more nervous on stage. To avoid shivering legs and stammering, you better be passionate about your words.

2. Practice Holds the Key

Not everyone is born a spontaneous public speaker. Practicing before a speech is a great idea. You might well record your speech and listen to it over and over again. Find out your mistakes and your plus points. It will definitely help you do better on stage.

3. Look for Public Speaking Activities

Whenever you get a chance to speak to public, do it. It will take out the fear from within you and give you more confidence of speaking to live audiences. Also, it is a good marketing strategy for your business.

4. Dress Accordingly

A comfortable outfit will make you feel more confident during speech. If you dress in accordance with what you speak, it will also give the audience a visualization of your words.

5. Face the Adrenaline

It is alright if your mouth and throat goes dry in front of the audience. It happens. Make sure you enjoy it and embrace it as a challenge.

6. Avoid Stuttering

Fluency is the key to effective public speaking. Avoid linking your words with pauses such as “ummm,” “err,” “ahh,” etc.  It gives a feeling that you are not well prepared for your speech.

7. Focus More On Words

A lot of multimedia presentation givers make the mistake of putting most of the information in the slides rather than speaking it. Keep your information in your head as much as possible and deliver it to the people instead of showing it on the screen. It keeps the audience’s focus on you and your words.

I believe confidence and public speaking go side by side. One of the ways you can be more confident is by knowing what colors to wear and which ones to avoid. Here is an e-book all about that and you can download it for free.