A detailed analysis about women entrepreneurs concludes that United Kingdom is the best place for women business starters. Women have more opportunities to step into the business world, excel and expand their businesses in UK.

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The Experts Gathering

On the International Women’s Day, leading business women such as Martha Lane Fox, Anya Hindmarch, Reid Hoffman, Joanna Shields and Neelie Kroes joined together to share their thoughts on the research carried out by Founders4Schools on women entrepreneurship in UK.

Ed-tech charity Founders4Schools introduces business leaders to schools where they can identify potential business leaders for tomorrow. This organization has given remarkable services for the business sector in UK.

Some Numbers

According to its research, there are currently more than 760 businesses led by women which are able to generate a revenue from £1M to £250M. Around 60% of these companies have a growth rate of 20% and above while some more efficient companies (about 37%) are growing at 50% or more.

Around 60% of these women led companies are stationed outside London and have presence all over the country.

According to the CEO of Founders4Schools, it is a proud moment for them to celebrate the success of women who have made a big contribution to UK’s economy. She enlightens us with her major motivation of setting up Founders4Schools saying that she wanted to have young people starting their own businesses. She is proud to have examples from more than 760 women businesses that they have researched upon. According to her, it is an inspiration for young girls to step into the business field.

Martha Lane Fox says that there is a lot of catching up to be done in the technical sector. At the moment women only occupy to only 17% of technical jobs. Even in the software engineering field, women only have 4% of the positions which is quite an irony.

What’s Next?

It is expected that the future for women entrepreneurship in the technical field is quite bright. Hence UK will have to take giant strides in order to compete with the rest of the world because of such small figures at present.

President of techUK said that he is proud and encouraged to see women leading the businesses in UK. He emphasized upon the importance of women entrepreneurs and their value to the economic growth of the country. He said that women should be empowered and given lead roles in businesses not only in London but in businesses all across the country.