The world that we live in was used to be known as a male-dominated world but this saying is becoming a thing of the past now. Considering today’s world women are competing with their male counterparts in every field one can think of (and not only competing but also outsmarting them in these fields). One such field is entrepreneurship and this is not just a word of the mouth but a reality which is backed up by a number of researches and surveys. Now, you would be living in a fool’s paradise if you’re of the opinion that women lack substance when compared with their male counterparts – be it any field!

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A survey that was conducted by Scorpio partnership consultancy known as the 2016 BNP Paribas Global Entrepreneurs Report stated that when it comes to the success ratio, women entrepreneurs are way ahead than men. This survey was conducted in 18 countries from approximately 2,600 entrepreneurs who were quiet successful. According to this research, it was found out that an approximate of 90% of women were sure that their companies would rise or at least remain stable in terms of gross profit for the following year. When looked upon deeply this research also unveils the fact that 61% of these entrepreneurs were expecting a rise in their profits.

According to Sofia Merlo, the co-CEO of BNP Paribas wealth management:

“They (women) are more ambitious and have been more successful than their male counterparts.”

To back up this statement, she gives reference of the revenue data of the report which states that revenues of the companies that were owned by women were 13% higher as compared to the companies that were run by their men. That is approximately 9% for the entire survey. Some other findings of the report were the generational differences between women and which of them are more successful.

Keeping this report in mind and a lot of other researches that have been conducted through the years and all around the globe we can come to a conclusion that…

It will not only be an understatement but also not a fact that women are lacking behind in any field that is available to them right now. When it comes to entrepreneurship, women have shown some serious growth and are telling the world in bold that “We are a force to reckon with”