As we have seen in the recent past that there has always been a gender gap between men and women, and the latter has always lagged behind, but somehow this trend is changing very rapidly. Even the people with the school of thought that men are better than women are bound to give this thinking another shot. Women in today’s world are not only competing with their male counterparts but also outperforming them in various fields of life.

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Right Time for Women Entrepreneur

One such field is Entrepreneurship. It was really difficult to find women entrepreneurs in the past and even if you get a chance to come across some names, they were not that impactful but now the story is completely different. If you take a look around you can easily make out that there are a lot of women entrepreneurs around us who are way more successful than men. An example of this statement is the Global Women Summit held in Kigali

Women Empowerment

A lot can be learned from this summit. Although it was initially just for African women, it has left its mark on the entire globe. According to the Global Gender Gap Report, Rwanda (a country in Africa) is considered to be the best if you are a woman and this is because of the empowerment of women in every field in that particular country. Primarily Global Women Summit stressed upon the growing number of women entrepreneurs and the opportunities that they have at their disposal.

Some Challenges and Solution

Although there are some factors that stand as a hindrance in success of a women entrepreneurs but these factors can be eliminated if taken into account with proper consideration. There are quite a few organizations that are mentoring young women entrepreneurs and helping them be more successful in their way forward.

Lack of decision making, presenting business proposals, reaching the market etc. are some of the factors that prevent growth for business women. But if proper consideration is given to all these factors there is no way that modern business women can’t tackle them. Today’s women entrepreneurs have proven that these factors are not to be scared of and the biggest example of this are the women entrepreneurs of Rwanda.

Some might argue but this is definitely the right time to be a women entrepreneur because of the opportunities that women are having in every field and the support they are receiving from all around the world.