The world that we live in is known to be a male dominated world, and then if you are a woman making a mark on the globe with your efforts is simply commendable. There are quite a few women entrepreneurs out there who have proved their metal and made a name for themselves in this male dominated society.

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The names are endless when it comes to women entrepreneurs who made an impact in the global market, but the three most powerful women entrepreneurs stand apart.

3. Rashmi Sinha


Number 3 on our list of three most powerful women of the world is this Indian born lady Rashmi Sinha. She completed her degree of Ph. D in psychology in the year 1998 from Brown University. She was not the woman for psychology, since the lab never appealed her. The lady could not restrain herself from coming towards software development and in 2003 she founded her own company named Uzanto. The slideshare is the most impressive software introduced by this company, which soon became very popular after its launch. The company benefitted a lot from this venture since it was acquired by LinkedIn for about $119 million.

2. Alexa Von Tobel


Personal finance for women is really important, when Alexa Von Tobel worked as a trader as Morgan Stanley in the year 2006 she came to realize this fact. She realized that she knows nothing about personal finance. Tobel took a leave for a while from her business school and started working on finding the solution to this problem i.e. personal finance for women entrepreneurs. What started initially as a blog is now a business tool for personal finance for women entrepreneurs. Her company has raised an approximate of $25 million. The company launched a service that connects users looking for personal finance with financial advisers. This service is known as LearnVest Planning service.

3. Shunee Yee

Now it’s time to reveal the number one on our list of 3 most powerful women entrepreneurs of the world.  She is none other than the Chinese born Shunee Yee. She is the woman who revolutionized the business industry for women. She is the CEO and president of CSOFT International.

Yee explains in her own words, the secret recipe of business success for women,

“Unite business with creativity and bridge ‘global’ with ‘local.’”

The revenue of the company is at a constant increase of 20% every year since the day it came into existence