How to Network Without Looking Like A Shady Car Salesman: Masterclass @ 8pm EST

You’re in a group and you see someone that only posts about their biz…then they’re ghost…until it’s time to post about their biz again. **Side eye.** You get an inbox from a person you just “met” then all of a sudden they’re giving an unsolicited spiel about their biz while asking you for money. **MAJOR side eye.** Both examples make you feel some kind of way. And neither of them.. Read More

Masterclass: Tonight at 8pm EST: How to Promote Your eBook

So, you’ve done the research, figured out what your clients’ “pain points” are and created your eBook…now what? What if I told you that promoting your eBook does not have to be overly complicated? Join us tomorrow evening on Periscope (August 22, 2016, 8pm EST) where you will discover the5 Secrets on How to Strategically Promote your eBooks in to Increase Visibility for Your Brand. Having your eBook in front of the.. Read More

Do You Really Need A Biz Card to Get Started?

Recently, I received the following question, which I immediately knew I had to address: Hey Bree (aka the Confidence Boss): do I, as a business owner, need a business card to get started? Now, I’ll answer the question simply: No, you don’t need a business card to get started on your business. Why? Just like you don’t necessarily need a website and you don’t need a professional photo to get started.. Read More

Tonight’s Masterclass at 8pm EST on Periscope: Execute Your eBook

Tonight, I am hosting a new Masterclass called: Elevate Your eBook. This is for you if you would like to develop that eBook that’s been on your mind since FOREVER…but you’ve never published it. Now is the time to do something about it. Don’t you think? (Yes, it is.  Consider this your confirmation.) Why is this Masterclass important? If you are looking to increase your visibility — especially online —.. Read More

Join Us Tonight at 8pm EST for the Canva Masterpiece Creation Masterclass

Tonight, I am hosting a Canva Masterpiece Creation Masterclass to help create beautifully designed images for your brand. Why do you need to be here? It will save you time (by trying to find a designer to create “quick” images) It will save you money (for constantly paying a designer to create images for your social media). Time you could be sharing with your clients. Money you could be spending.. Read More

The 3 People You Should Have In Your Business Right Now!

As you elevate and grow your business, it is important for you to grow with efficient staff members so you can solely focus on increasing your revenue. To accomplish this, your business should be equipped with 3 key people: an Assistant, a Social Media Assistant, and a Graphic Designer. Now, let’s get into each of these roles. Assistant An Assistant should allow you to be focused on the task of.. Read More