Tonight, I am hosting a Canva Masterpiece Creation Masterclass to help create beautifully designed images for your brand.

Why do you need to be here?

  • It will save you time (by trying to find a designer to create “quick” images)
  • It will save you money (for constantly paying a designer to create images for your social media).

Time you could be sharing with your clients. Money you could be spending to spoil your family and friends. Or reinvesting in your biz. Or going shopping. Or going on vacation.

We love (and need) vacations, don’t we, Friend!

The possibilities are ENDLESS!

Total investment?  $0, pen and paper and about 1 hour of your time.

If you have time, pen and paper, then I’ll bring the Mastery.

So what do you have to lose?

Nothing.  But.  Excuses.

Join me tonight on Facebook Live at 8pm, EST in our Courageous Biz Women group and we’re gonna get rocking and rolling with Canva.

It will be a Q & A session, so bring your questions with you.

Let’s get it done and create these Canva Masterpieces that will keep your brand game strong!

Click here to join the Courageous Biz women group.  We will begin at 8pm EST!