Recently, I received the following question, which I immediately knew I had to address:

Hey Bree (aka the Confidence Boss): do I, as a business owner, need a business card to get started?

Now, I’ll answer the question simply: No, you don’t need a business card to get started on your business.


Just like you don’t necessarily need a website and you don’t need a professional photo to get started on your business. But, what you do need is to be building relationships and you can do that online. We are in the Information Age and have access to so many forms of communication to connect with each other – from social media to emails, text, and cell phones. Even if you don’t see each other enough to go out and network, you don’t really need a business card to build relationships.

Instead, you can build a relationship practically anywhere. You can text a v-card, you can put the information on your website or even on your social media page. So, to say that you need a business card to get started is just an obstacle in the way of really getting started.

Should you have a business card? Yeah, it would be nice to have at some point – but is it going to convert to gaining a client just because you have one? Not necessarily.

I have a client who I’ve worked with and known for over a year and have never showed her a business card (and, to be honest, I’m not sure if she has one). We work with each other because we built a relationship with each other and she became my client. So to say you need a business card to get started in your business isn’t always true. You really don’t need one to get started. It’s nice to have one “just in case,” but you don’t need it to get started and get going.

Now, earlier I mentioned that you don’t need a website to get started. I didn’t say you didn’t need to have a domain name (you need a domain name because once you think of a good one, you don’t want it to get snatched up quickly). Although you don’t want to not have a domain name, you can simply have your domain hooked up to a lead page. So, you don’t need a website to get started, but you can build one as you build your business, but to have one from the beginning – that’s not necessary. Is it nice? Of course, but building relationships are better.

You also don’t need to have a professional photo when you first start your business. It’s nice to have one, but it may not convert into you gaining clients. Instead, focus heavily on building relationships – which is a sure fire way to get the clients you’re looking for. While you’re getting to know them and developing your relationship, this is also a way for you to understand and get to know what you clients needs are and how you can help them – so you can fill that need. You can even fix your business to address these needs.

So, again do you need a business card? Simply put: No. It’s nice to have one and at some point you want to have one just in case, but don’t let it be the obstacle for why you’re not starting your business.

Wishing you the best,

Bree Caldwell from aka The Confidence Boss