Short answer: as business owners, we overthink the selling process.

Networking and selling are really as easy as being comfortable enough to have a genuine conversation.

I had to make a run to the Post Office on Friday. A woman associate waited on me and while she was taking care of our transaction, I complimented her on the fragrance she was wearing (if you know me then you know I love, love LOVE fragrances!!!). She says thank you, then, she takes something out of her pocket and said “wait, here I have a sample on me.” I said “ok thanks, let me take a picture of it.” She said, “no…it’s for you to keep.”

She was very generous and overall gracious!  And this was totally unexpected!

Needless to say, I accepted her sample and looking to purchase my own fragrance for when the sample runs out 🙂

What just happened here?

Keep in mind that I was in the Post Office and definitely not looking for a fragrance.

So how was she able to keep my interest about something totally unrelated to postage (the real reason why I was there)?  

Here are 5 Secrets on how she was EASILY able to sell me on a product that she loved!

  1. She was open to conversation.  A good icebreaker?  Pay someone a genuine compliment.  When you do that, you’ve officially open the door to a real conversation.
  2. First impressions.  Hands down, she had a winning personality.  She was very personable.  So, her first impression was very lasting (hint: I’m still talking about this encounter days later).
  3. She did not withhold information.  A lot of people are selfish with their knowledge, but she freely gave it away.  She was ready and willing to share what she knew and not even think twice about it.
  4. Confidence is power.  She was confident in “her” product and knew what she was wearing something so good, she did not mind sharing info about it.
  5. Customer Service.  She went above and beyond what most people would do.  Usually, most people would simply share the name of the fragrance…but not her.  She had a sample readily available “just in case” and gave it to me.  She treated me like a friend that was just sharing knowledge about a product she has grown to know, like and trust.

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