I knew this woman who was extremely intelligent.

She was the model employee but never received the respect she felt she deserved at her job.

She was passed up for promotion after promotion.  She saw people passing her while she was stagnant in her career.  For years.

For most people, that’s enough to make you start looking for a new job.  But she never left this relationship that constantly disrespected her and took advantage of work ethic and loyalty.

Plus, she loved the idea of financial security.

(I mean, who doesn’t love financial security?)

So she was stuck with feeling miserable at a job that didn’t appreciate her and wanting to do something where she felt loved and respected.  But she didn’t know where to begin.

Does this sound like you?

Here are 3 things you can do today to increase cash flow in your own biz.

1.  Funnel what you know into your own biz. Start taking your knowledge, talent and skills and pouring it into your own biz. Do you have a lot of ideas that would make for a great business? Start keeping some of them to yourself and using them to create your own business. Do you love to write? Start taking your writing skills to write or ghostwrite for other people. Are you good at organizing?  Start putting the word out about what you do.  Do you know how to type documents? Start creating learning products that people can use.

2.  Network. Start with the people that you know. It’s really as easy as having a conversation with friends and associates. Help those that you know can use your help. Also, ask around to see who people can refer you to that can use your help.

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3.  Ask for recommendations. Have you already helped someone in need? Did it turn out well? Follow up with them and ask them for a testimony. Even if you helped someone for free and it is directly related to your business, it still counts. The more people that you have to speak on behalf of your product and customer service, the more likely you are able to have people that want to be your client or customer.

Are you ready to take the next steps to grow your own business?

I am helping 10 women who are sick and tired of wasting her time, energy and resources growing someone else’s business and ready to take what she knows and package it into her own business.

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