Ahh.  The content creation game.

The top two struggles with creating (digital) content are defining exactly what is and promoting it.

The short version of content creation is anything you choose to publish.  Besides this blog post you’re looking at right now, it could also be:

  • Client Testimonials
  • Quotes/inspirational messages
  • Infographics
  • Advice/Tips
  • Useful worksheets/spreadsheets/eBooks
  • Audio/video
  • Polls
  • Live videos/live chats (q&a sessions)

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Now, how do you promote your content?  Here’s how you can crush that right now.

1. Figure out who your target audience is.  Nothing successful can happen before you do this.  Do you like talking to an empty room?  No.  Creating content for the wrong audience is doing exactly that.  Find your people, meet them where they are and create for them.  Remember it’s not about you.  It’s about the service you provide for them.

2. Find the platform that your audience loves and meet them there.  Through research, I find that I have the most engagement on PeriscopeInstagram and my Courageous Biz Women Facebook Group.  I notice that most of my audience hangs out in these 3 places and I meet them there to deliver content that I know they want (because I’m supplying a demand.  In other words, in one way or another, they asked for it).

3.  Store your content.  Don’t think your content is a “one and done” kind of situation.  No!  Remix that Bad Boy like your name is Diddy (remember, he is the king of remixes)!  Once you create your content, save it for later.  When it’s time to recreate, you’ll have an archive of old content you can bring back to life in a new and different way!

Need more solutions?  Click on the link to for your video and worksheet to get started:  http://bit.ly/CrushDigitalContentGame