If you truly don’t have the money to start your business, there are other things that you can do…but it will cost you time.
The right collaborations can help grow your business! This is where building real relationships can work in your favor.

Here is my list of 10 secrets on how to grow your business with little to no money.

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  1. Build up your network.
  2. Give away a little…for free.
  3. Create a lead-generating website.
  4. List building.
  5. Collaboration with other brands.
  6. Host free events.
  7. Volunteer for free events that complement your brand.
  8. Blog writing.
  9. Guest blogging/guest contributor.
  10. Go live!


Want details on how this works?  Check out my article at This Is Her Movement where I give you the breakdown on the 10 Secrets to Start Your Biz with Little to No Money and how it will cost you with time or money (or even both).