Time to get in front of your audience? Here’s what you must know

I’ve had my share of discovery sessions in 2016. In case you have no idea what a discovery session is (some may call it a strategy session): it’s a question and answer session between a potential client and a coach/consultant to see if you two are a right fit to work with either other. Now that you have an idea what that is, the conclusion of most of my discovery.. Read More

Create a Clear Marketing Strategy for 2017

Today’s message is brought to you by Renee Jamerson. Renee is a Content Marketing & Brand Manager / Blogger at Bubblin Banter Hopefully, you have decided to start 2017 off by making a deeper commitment to your business by deciding to seriously develop a market strategy.  As a vigilant entrepreneur, you’ve collected and analyzed the results of your marketing efforts for 2016 and you now have an idea of where you.. Read More