Bree Caldwell has been in the corporate world in the legal and management industries for over 13 years. She also graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration. In her professional experience, she understands that communication — written, verbal and non-verbal — are crucial. She understands while it is important to have the skills needed to advance in your career, your choices in wardrobe, as well as personal appearance, are equally important and count as “non-verbal communication.” She is a Fashion and Beauty Matchmaker, a Public Speaker and a Mentor. She is also a member of two organizations, one of which helps with the art of Public Speaking and the other is a High School Outreach program to help girls attend college and begin their careers in communications/media. Knowing these things, she thought it was important to take the knowledge and skills she possesses and reach out to help others. She does this through her blog, workshops, public speaking and mentorship. For more information, please feel free to contact her.

Time to get in front of your audience? Here’s what you must know

I’ve had my share of discovery sessions in 2016. In case you have no idea what a discovery session is (some may call it a strategy session): it’s a question and answer session between a potential client and a coach/consultant to see if you two are a right fit to work with either other. Now that you have an idea what that is, the conclusion of most of my discovery.. Read More

Create a Clear Marketing Strategy for 2017

Today’s message is brought to you by Renee Jamerson. Renee is a Content Marketing & Brand Manager / Blogger at Bubblin Banter Hopefully, you have decided to start 2017 off by making a deeper commitment to your business by deciding to seriously develop a market strategy.  As a vigilant entrepreneur, you’ve collected and analyzed the results of your marketing efforts for 2016 and you now have an idea of where you.. Read More

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays (plus your free gift inside)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!! I’ve been in such a gift-giving mood this year, and I have a gift especially for you. It’s the gift of being clear on exactly who your clients are! Read: Women in Business: How to Be More Clear and Consistent? Knowing your clients like you know your best friends means knowing what they love, hate, what they want from you, how to put yourself in.. Read More

10 Secrets to Start Your Biz with Little to No Money

If you truly don’t have the money to start your business, there are other things that you can do…but it will cost you time. The right collaborations can help grow your business! This is where building real relationships can work in your favor. Here is my list of 10 secrets on how to grow your business with little to no money. Read: 7 Secrets on How to Network With Confidence.. Read More

Crushing the Content Creation Game

Ahh.  The content creation game. The top two struggles with creating (digital) content are defining exactly what is and promoting it. The short version of content creation is anything you choose to publish.  Besides this blog post you’re looking at right now, it could also be: Client Testimonials Quotes/inspirational messages Infographics Advice/Tips Useful worksheets/spreadsheets/eBooks Audio/video Polls Live videos/live chats (q&a sessions) Read: Confidently Speak Your Brand Now, how do you promote.. Read More

Feel the Fear and Push Through

Let’s be real here. There are times where I am absolutely afraid to do something.  One thing, in particular, is pressing that “Go Live” broadcast button on Periscope.  (If you don’t know what Periscope is, it is a live streaming app that helps you connect with a broader audience.  Think of it as if YouTube were to go live.) I always speak on confidence, being courageous and being fearless. Read: Do.. Read More

How to Overcome a Negative Mindset and Grow Your Own Business

There was a woman I knew that expressed ‘some” interest in starting her own business. Her extent of expressing interest was just wishing she had one.   BUT, here’s the thing.   She would always talk about people that were actually successful. How does that work?   Her conversations would sound something like this:   “How come she is a national singer? I know I can sing better than her.”.. Read More

Do you struggle with Public Speaking?

I remember giving my first speech (as an adult).  I can’t begin to tell you how nervous I felt!  I really thought I was going to pass out! Heart palpitations.  Heavy breathing.  Anxiety.  You name it. Basically, all of the elements you do NOT want when giving a speech. Does this sound like you? Read: 7 Ways Women in Business Can be Great Public Speakers There are ways to crush.. Read More

Are You Sick and Tired of Growing Someone Else’s Business?

I knew this woman who was extremely intelligent. She was the model employee but never received the respect she felt she deserved at her job. She was passed up for promotion after promotion.  She saw people passing her while she was stagnant in her career.  For years. For most people, that’s enough to make you start looking for a new job.  But she never left this relationship that constantly disrespected.. Read More

Why “The Sample Lady” Method Can Work for Your Business

Short answer: as business owners, we overthink the selling process. Networking and selling are really as easy as being comfortable enough to have a genuine conversation. I had to make a run to the Post Office on Friday. A woman associate waited on me and while she was taking care of our transaction, I complimented her on the fragrance she was wearing (if you know me then you know I love,.. Read More