3 Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs of the World

The world that we live in is known to be a male dominated world, and then if you are a woman making a mark on the globe with your efforts is simply commendable. There are quite a few women entrepreneurs out there who have proved their metal and made a name for themselves in this male dominated society. Related: 3 Businesses That Favor Women More. The names are endless when.. Read More

Three Businesses That Favor the Women More

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As the times are changing so are the trends of the world we live in. This world was known to be a male dominated world and still is to some extent, but somehow this concept is being challenged every now and then. A day will come when this concept will be wiped off and both the genders will have equal opportunities. When talking about business, women were considered to be.. Read More

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Why Do We Think it is a Great Time to be a Women Entrepreneur?

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As we have seen in the recent past that there has always been a gender gap between men and women, and the latter has always lagged behind, but somehow this trend is changing very rapidly. Even the people with the school of thought that men are better than women are bound to give this thinking another shot. Women in today’s world are not only competing with their male counterparts but.. Read More

Facts Check: Women Entrepreneurs Are More Ambitious Than Men

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The world that we live in was used to be known as a male-dominated world but this saying is becoming a thing of the past now. Considering today’s world women are competing with their male counterparts in every field one can think of (and not only competing but also outsmarting them in these fields). One such field is entrepreneurship and this is not just a word of the mouth but a.. Read More

Barriers for Women Entrepreneurs: Lack of role models

Barriers for Women Entrepreneurs

The number of women entrepreneurs is on a continuous rise in today’s world. They are not only increasing in numbers but also converting the numbers into success stories. When it comes to success ratio as compared to their male counterparts, women entrepreneurs are giving them a very tough time and arguably beating them in this particular field. This is not just a statement but also backed up with a number.. Read More

Women in Business: How to Be More Clear and Consistent?

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Being a successful businesswoman does not require a lot of understanding or hard work. In fact, you might already be doing this. What it requires is focus over the simple techniques that can be used to accomplish big tasks with time. A huge task or goal, otherwise, always remains unachievable. This is precisely the approach needed here. It is simple, it is easy, and it is immediately doable. Related: Build A.. Read More

Women in Business: 7 Health Hacks To Use When Working Hard

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Women in business have a hectic life by all means. It’s not just the business they have to look at. Raising a family and keeping up with the social circle is equally important. All of it can take a toll on women’s health. Related: Vulnerability, Authenticity, and Love: 3 Must Haves for Women Entrepreneurs Generally, women are very good adapting to situations and conditions. However, health is something they should.. Read More

Women Entrepreneurs: How Inspiration Can Lead You To Success

Inspiration is a fuel that keeps a person going. Especially in women, inspiration plays a vital role in their success. When a women is inspired, there is hardly anything that can stop her from achieving what she wants. Inspiration allows women to dream bigger and aim higher. They feel they can do anything they want, which is essentially true. Related: Venerability, Authenticity, and Love: 3 Must Haves for Women Entrepreneurs… Read More

International Women’s Day: Power of Women Leading From the Front in B

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A detailed analysis about women entrepreneurs concludes that United Kingdom is the best place for women business starters. Women have more opportunities to step into the business world, excel and expand their businesses in UK. Related: Excuses that hold down women from following their entrepreneurial dream The Experts Gathering On the International Women’s Day, leading business women such as Martha Lane Fox, Anya Hindmarch, Reid Hoffman, Joanna Shields and Neelie.. Read More