Entrepreneurial Lessons from the Life of My Mom

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I am simply amazed by the fact that how simple things in life can teach you the most complex entrepreneurial lessons. This time it is the life of my mother… In a woman’s life, there is so much happening all the time. From young age to youth and then to the older age, a woman’s life is always a challenge. It doesn’t matter whether she is a working woman or.. Read More

Why the Online World Favors the Women in Business

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The online world is essential for everyone, no matter what you do but it particularly favors the women in business. Do you know the number of people registered on Facebook almost equals the population of China? 1.35 billion! More than 3 billion of people are online today, which makes very easy to reach out and build stronger connections. This is particularly relevant to women in business (as they tend to.. Read More

3 Things that Shatter Confidence in Women

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With time, women have made their way into most fields. They have proved their worth and potential as comprehensive planners and executors. Female entrepreneurship is on a high and businesswomen have gained acceptance in most parts of the world. Women these days work shoulder to shoulder with men and in many fields, they have even taken the lead. Society acceptance for women has been prevailing and it has become easier.. Read More

Few Inspirational Quotes for Rising Women Entrepreneurs

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Women entrepreneurship has been on the rise. They have made their way into almost all the business fields by having sheer dedication and skill along with business sense. Female entrepreneurship has gone through tough times to gain societal acceptance and recognition alongside men. This itself is an achievement in its own. Related: Two Career Changing but Hard Lessons for Women Entrepreneurs. So if you wish to enter the world of women entrepreneurship.. Read More

Two Career Changing but Hard Lessons for Women Entrepreneurs

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Women entrepreneurship is quite an amazing thing. On one hand, it is a source of happiness to women because of that feeling of worthiness. On the other hand, it is also saddening to them for numerous other societal reasons. Women entrepreneurs understand how challenging it is for them to quite clearly decide how they want to go about their career. It can create doubts and confusions but on the other.. Read More

Show Up and Be Visible Teleclass Monday, February 1, 2016

Are you tired of clients looking at you as if you’re like every other biz out there? We know you’re different from everyone else, but it’s hard to see that when you’re invisible. I’m all too familiar with not standing out in my biz. But once I figured out how to fix that, there was NO stopping me! I wanna help you be unstoppable too! The bottom line is if.. Read More

Women Entrepreneurs: 4 Tips for Better Networking

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Women entrepreneurs seriously lag behind in the world of business. Men have continued to rule even in this modern era. Women entrepreneurs are increasing day by day but their business does not seem to expand accordingly. There are several reasons for this. The one that is most concerning to me is insufficient networking. When it comes to networking, there is a general fear that prevails among women. They don’t find.. Read More

4 Essentials of Business Growth for Women Business Owners

women business owners

The recent developments and research suggests that business is not getting any better in United States. There is more destruction than progress. However, women business owners seems to have gained a foot hold in the American markets and women entrepreneurship is ramping well. Having the ownership of around 30% of business firms in America, one can assume how valuable their input may be to the country’s economy. However, facts and.. Read More

Top Questions Every Women Entrepreneur Should Ask Themselves

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I know we are already in the mid of January but it is still that time of the year when many of us are busy planning for the future. But sometimes to progress in the right direction and at the right pace, we have to look back. The best leaders in the world are always reflecting on the past and asking questions. Related: The Basics of Goal Settings For Women.. Read More

The Basics of Goal Setting for Women Entrepreneurs

I’m sure I don’t really have to tell you about the importance of goal setting. The question here is, despite knowing all the benefits of it, why do women entrepreneurs often fail in achieving their goals? Are we doing something wrong? Are we being over optimistic? There’s something definitely wrong. Whenever I feel stuck, I always go to the basics. This helps me identify the problem and adjust my course.. Read More