Are You Sick and Tired of Growing Someone Else’s Business?

I knew this woman who was extremely intelligent. She was the model employee but never received the respect she felt she deserved at her job. She was passed up for promotion after promotion.  She saw people passing her while she was stagnant in her career.  For years. For most people, that’s enough to make you start looking for a new job.  But she never left this relationship that constantly disrespected.. Read More

5 Expert Tips for Women Who Want to Start Their Own Business

More and more women are looking to quit their 9 – 5 and go for something more exciting and independent. They want to start their own business and feel what it feels like to be an entrepreneur. Here, the sad part is, not every story is a success story. In fact more than half of businesses initiated by women never get to see the 2nd phase of their business. Having.. Read More