Why Do We Think it is a Great Time to be a Women Entrepreneur?

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As we have seen in the recent past that there has always been a gender gap between men and women, and the latter has always lagged behind, but somehow this trend is changing very rapidly. Even the people with the school of thought that men are better than women are bound to give this thinking another shot. Women in today’s world are not only competing with their male counterparts but.. Read More

Facts Check: Women Entrepreneurs Are More Ambitious Than Men

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The world that we live in was used to be known as a male-dominated world but this saying is becoming a thing of the past now. Considering today’s world women are competing with their male counterparts in every field one can think of (and not only competing but also outsmarting them in these fields). One such field is entrepreneurship and this is not just a word of the mouth but a.. Read More

Barriers for Women Entrepreneurs: Lack of role models

Barriers for Women Entrepreneurs

The number of women entrepreneurs is on a continuous rise in today’s world. They are not only increasing in numbers but also converting the numbers into success stories. When it comes to success ratio as compared to their male counterparts, women entrepreneurs are giving them a very tough time and arguably beating them in this particular field. This is not just a statement but also backed up with a number.. Read More

Why Women Should Be In Leadership Positions

Businesswomen have taken giant strides and women entrepreneurship has been on the rise in this century. It is not just women working to earn but it is also to shut mouths that never spoke in the favor of working women. It is more of a battle than just business because women are not just competing with their counterparts, in fact they are at war with ideologies that limit women in.. Read More

Confidence Building for Businesswomen

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Women have powered their way into the business world. They have achieved it through resilience and the will power to continue their journey. Against all odds, women entrepreneurs have established empires and businesses that are both successful and well reputed. Related: 3 Things That Shatter Confidence in Women It takes a whole lot of courage for them because women are not only competing with their counterparts. Instead, they are at.. Read More

Reasons Why Business Women Will Succeed This Year

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With the development in the world of women entrepreneurship, businesswomen now hold an instrumental position in the market. According to a survey, 36% of businesses in US are owned by women. Understandably, women have quite an impact on the economy of the country. Related: Women in business: How Confidence Can Get You More Funding The running business year is expected to be the one for women. There are several reasons.. Read More

Show Up and Be Visible Teleclass Monday, February 1, 2016

Are you tired of clients looking at you as if you’re like every other biz out there? We know you’re different from everyone else, but it’s hard to see that when you’re invisible. I’m all too familiar with not standing out in my biz. But once I figured out how to fix that, there was NO stopping me! I wanna help you be unstoppable too! The bottom line is if.. Read More

Why Business Women Still Need to Journalize Everything

Listing down everything is an old-school technique but it won’t be making today’s business women look ancient. In fact it can help them stay focused on daily tasks and never miss a deadline. We never forget to make a list of items while visiting a grocery store but hardly anyone lists down the important thing she has to do in a day. The result is we miss deadlines, late to meetings and.. Read More

7 Traits of Confident Women (#4 is the Best)

When we talk about confident women, there are many things in their character that are alike. Take, for example Malala Yousufzai or Oprah Winfrey – What is it that make these women so unique and sparkling? What is it that they share in common? And what makes them so memorable? The answer to all these questions lies deep down there character – what they are made of! Related: Few Lessons.. Read More