Why “The Sample Lady” Method Can Work for Your Business

Short answer: as business owners, we overthink the selling process. Networking and selling are really as easy as being comfortable enough to have a genuine conversation. I had to make a run to the Post Office on Friday. A woman associate waited on me and while she was taking care of our transaction, I complimented her on the fragrance she was wearing (if you know me then you know I love,.. Read More

Reasons Why Business Women Will Succeed This Year

business women

With the development in the world of women entrepreneurship, businesswomen now hold an instrumental position in the market. According to a survey, 36% of businesses in US are owned by women. Understandably, women have quite an impact on the economy of the country. Related: Women in business: How Confidence Can Get You More Funding The running business year is expected to be the one for women. There are several reasons.. Read More

Introducing the 3 Cs and How Can Women Business Owners Master Them

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The biggest challenge for women business owners is raising a family, babies and another baby called “the company.” You can easily manage when you have a smaller family, say 1 or 2 kids. Your small business can run smoothly and return to what is expected. The problem usually starts when you family grows. Here I am talking about your kid #3 and #4 (do you know China has a one-child.. Read More