Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays (plus your free gift inside)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!! I’ve been in such a gift-giving mood this year, and I have a gift especially for you. It’s the gift of being clear on exactly who your clients are! Read: Women in Business: How to Be More Clear and Consistent? Knowing your clients like you know your best friends means knowing what they love, hate, what they want from you, how to put yourself in.. Read More

ProStyler of the Day: Adria R. of Atlanta, GA

Hello!  We are back!!! To celebrate, we decided to feature women biz owners and find out how and why style is important for them and their business. Today, we are featuring Adria Robinson from Atlanta, GA, who is the CEO/Founder of the Powerful Women in Business Association, LLC. (PWIB), Powerful Women In Fitness and Powerful Women In Style, CEO/Founder of the National Association of Professional Black Women, Inc. (NAPBW). She is also.. Read More

Closet to Profit: Discover How to Increase Your Style “Wow Factor” and Get Booked for More Speaking Engagements, No Matter What

Discover How to Increase Your Style “Wow Factor” and Get Booked for More Speaking Engagements, No Matter What Join Style Coach, Bree Caldwell As she shares with you the secrets to going from “Who?” to “WOW” in no time! Now imagine…walking into the room, rocking your audience with your amazing power speech all while looking remarkable! I’m literally giving you the secrets and strategies of the highly paid elite speakers.. Read More

5 Reasons Why Cookie Lyon IS the Boss!

Ok, so for those that know me, you know that I am a huge Empire fan.  If you really know me, then you know that’s a big deal because I am not much of a television person. For those that are unfamiliar with who or what Empire is, here it is briefly:  it is a television show about a drug dealer that was busted for dealing and his then-wife took the rap for him.. Read More

Why Your Appearance Is Your Business Card

Business cards are all about first impressions.  It speaks for you and your business in seconds (approximately seven seconds!!). A business card gives people a snippet of your company’s products and services by its design.  The more inventive and creative your business cards are, the more it will stick in a person’s memory, which will remind them of the person attached to the card. Now, what does that mean for YOU? It.. Read More

Build a Wardrobe You Can Be Proud Of!

Let’s get right to it:  the average woman uses only 20% of her wardrobe.  20 percent.  That is a very low number. But what does that mean?  It means that 80% of the average woman’s wardrobe is not working out in her favor. That also means that you are losing money to your closet.  Since time equals money, you are also losing time trying to figure out “what to wear” only to wind up repeatedly wearing that small percentage of.. Read More

What Everybody Ought to Know About Signature Style

I was watching Family Feud a few days ago, and the question was “According to 100 ladies, when another woman enters the room, what’s the first thing you notice?” Take one guess of the number one answer? She notices her…”dress/shoes!” That’s right, ladies! What you ought to know about signature style is:  It’s the first thing people notice! Whether you’re walking in the room, or down the street or to the.. Read More

Signature Styling Like Kim Kardashian

Say what you will about Kim Kardashian, but she has managed to take a negative and turn it into a positive and build an empire from it.  I’m definitely not saying go out there, make a tape and hope for the best.  Not saying that at all!!!  But I am saying that there are some positive points that we can all learn in a negative situation.  Here are a few tips you can.. Read More

Focus on Fitness Tele-summit March 25-27, 2015

On Thursday, March 26, 2016, 8pm (tomorrow evening), I will be participating in the style and image fitness segment of the Focus on Fitness Tele-seminar. What is it? The Focus on Fitness Tele-summit is designed to get you focused on whatever area in your life you need to improve on. So if you’re looking to strenghten your finances, health and wellness, spiritual, relationships, style, image (and so much more!) then.. Read More