3 Things that Shatter Confidence in Women

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With time, women have made their way into most fields. They have proved their worth and potential as comprehensive planners and executors. Female entrepreneurship is on a high and businesswomen have gained acceptance in most parts of the world. Women these days work shoulder to shoulder with men and in many fields, they have even taken the lead. Society acceptance for women has been prevailing and it has become easier.. Read More

Show Up and Be Visible Teleclass Monday, February 1, 2016

Are you tired of clients looking at you as if you’re like every other biz out there? We know you’re different from everyone else, but it’s hard to see that when you’re invisible. I’m all too familiar with not standing out in my biz. But once I figured out how to fix that, there was NO stopping me! I wanna help you be unstoppable too! The bottom line is if.. Read More

Top Questions Every Women Entrepreneur Should Ask Themselves

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I know we are already in the mid of January but it is still that time of the year when many of us are busy planning for the future. But sometimes to progress in the right direction and at the right pace, we have to look back. The best leaders in the world are always reflecting on the past and asking questions. Related: The Basics of Goal Settings For Women.. Read More

New Year’s Resolution! 3 Things Women Entrepreneurs Must Do in 2016

It’s the New Year already!  Yes, time does fly! It is no doubt the fun time of the year but also a great time to focus on your accomplishments and past goals. Also, this is (and should be) the time for women entrepreneurs to re-evaluate whether you have to do something differently. Think what you have done right and where you went wrong.  But before you set your goals for.. Read More

Women in Business: Why Is It Important To Have A Mentor?

The idea behind having a mentor is to learn something from people who are like “been there, done that.”  Your mentor might not have to be in the same industry you operate, or someone you can reach easily but someone who inspires you greatly. Mentor is someone who has a story to tell, and that story can help your work and even personal life. Related: Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs You.. Read More

7 Traits of Confident Women (#4 is the Best)

When we talk about confident women, there are many things in their character that are alike. Take, for example Malala Yousufzai or Oprah Winfrey – What is it that make these women so unique and sparkling? What is it that they share in common? And what makes them so memorable? The answer to all these questions lies deep down there character – what they are made of! Related: Few Lessons.. Read More

Few Lessons For Women Entrepreneurs From the Life of Marissa Mayer

Marissa Mayer is probably the only influential female personality in tech industry and there is a lot to be learned from her life, struggles and choices. We all know her as the Yahoo-Lady but her real story starts when she chose to become a part of a startup we now known as “Google.” She was one of the first 25 employees at Google and her contribution to the early success.. Read More

Expert Advises on What Not to Wear to Work

Many business women are guilty of wearing “whatever they think is right to wear” They don’t give enough thought or attention to the impact dressing can have on clients and subordinates. This lack of attention can sometimes mean lost opportunities in shape of not winning a contract. Related: 3 Fitness Apps Perfectly Designed for Busy Women Entrepreneurs! Through this article, I’m aiming to highlight the most common fashion mistakes women in.. Read More