Women Entrepreneurs: 4 Tips for Better Networking

women entrepreneurs

Women entrepreneurs seriously lag behind in the world of business. Men have continued to rule even in this modern era. Women entrepreneurs are increasing day by day but their business does not seem to expand accordingly. There are several reasons for this. The one that is most concerning to me is insufficient networking. When it comes to networking, there is a general fear that prevails among women. They don’t find.. Read More

Women in Business: Why Is It Important To Have A Mentor?

The idea behind having a mentor is to learn something from people who are like “been there, done that.”  Your mentor might not have to be in the same industry you operate, or someone you can reach easily but someone who inspires you greatly. Mentor is someone who has a story to tell, and that story can help your work and even personal life. Related: Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs You.. Read More