Photo Shape Editor:

I was really struggling between following my business plan and my passion or tossing the towel in to do something that I knew how to do but really didn’t enjoy.  Bree reached out and offered me a 1 hour session.  We talked through the pro’s and con’s and my why’s and why not’s.  Before we were even parted ways, I knew Bree understood where my passion was and why following it was not only the right choice for me by that I could be successful at it.  Having a business woman of her caliber to talk this huge decision through gave me the clarity to know that I needed to stay my course and dig deep to follow my passion and not to settle for just doing what came easy.

I strongly recommend Bree for any entrepreneur that is questioning his or her direction and wants honest and confident support.

Nicole Carver

Owner, Carver Concierge

Photo Shape Editor:

A wonderful role model and someone who truly cares about your business’ success describes Bree Caldwell perfectly.  Bree has helped me build and start up my business in ways unimaginable.  I went to her with a vision and a dream, and step-by-step, she helped me bring this vision to life. My dream was to build an Outside Scholarship business from the ground up, and I instantly knew I would need guidance. The first day I reached out to Bree, she was willing to help me accomplish this goal. Her willingness to help me achieve my dreams was the first thing that caught my attention. She fueled my ambition and driven mindset from the very beginning. Our first session was nothing short of productive. She provided me with resources and connections that would jumpstart my business immediately.

She actively listened to me and offered constructive feedback that eased the overwhelming venture of entrepreneurship. Bree is a professional that goes above and beyond for her clients. Since the first session, she always fulfills her promises and goes the extra mile to make sure that you are taking the necessary steps to reach every goal set.

Bree would frequently bring clients my way, which helped my business get off the ground. She helped mold and shape my business focus, and frequently offers insightful advice on ways to improve my business structure. Bree constantly roots for me to achieve every goal I have set for myself, and knows exactly what my business needs to flourish.

 Alanna McCatty,

Founder & CEO of McCatty Scholars, Inc.


Heeeeeyyyyyy Bree just wanted to drop a thank you line or two!! Thank you for being great at what you do I so needed the push from our session thank you for bringing clarity to a cloudy situation lol but seriously thank you!! Thank you for watering my confidence to cause me to see that I have what it takes to have a successful coaching and  motivational speaking business!!!

Kingdom Girl,

NKenga Warren