Bree Caldwell has been in the corporate world in the legal and management industries for over 15 years.  She also graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration.

She is a Confidence Coach for Prostyle Speaks that helps women biz owners that work 9-5 crush her #1 block that keeps her stuck in starting and growing her biz. As a result, she is able to easily implement business strategies and generate extreme confidence while increasing her cash flow.

She talks to a lot of people who work a 9-5. They hate it and have a passion to do something they have the natural ability to do. There are so many people with gifts hidden from the world because their 9-5 told them that it should be…but I want to help her discover her true gift, love what she does with it and make money from it

The way she does this is by learning what your passion and gifts are (natural ability to do what you do) and discovering ways on how to turn way you already knows into cash flow.

For more information, please feel free to contact her.